VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Charlie Sheen: Duh! Winning!

Jimmy Fallon has the blood of a tiger and is definitely WINNING.


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The late-night host does an uncanny Charlie Sheen impersonation, complete with an omnipresent lit cigarette, and you can see it here on

Sheen’s many media appearances in the past week gave Fallon lots of material to work with and he opens with the instant classic: “Duh, winning!”

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“I’m like Zeus in a Speedo,” Fallon/Sheen says.

“I’m going to embrace my life. I’m going to put both arms around it and love it violently and defend it violently through violent hatred.”

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At one point he spits out the name “Chaim”, then pauses, and adds “Levine.”

And in a Sheen-esque monologue, Fallon spouts: “ You’re 45 with 5 kids. So sit in your little chairs in your big house with your beanbags, laugh and sit back and enjoy the ride. Buckle up because it’s gonna be a long one. It’s gonna be bumpy. At one point you’re gonna want to put your hands up. We are taking a picture. Digital photo. $25 when you get off the ride you buy a picture of you enjoying the whole Charlie Sheen ride.”

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Fallon is clearly a Vatican Assassin.



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