PHOTOS: Stars Show Off Their Oiled Up Bikini Bods!

Stars bring enough heat to their beach when they strip down into their skimpy swimsuits, but when they add a coat of oil to their hot bodies, they set the sand on fire! has photos of the hottest bikini bods on the beach, glistening from head to toe in suntan oil. Click the next sentence to see stars showing off their oil-covered bikini bods.

Click Here To See Stars Showing Off Their Oil-Covered Bikini Bods

Britney Spears has always loved the sun, so it isn’t a surprise that she oils up her hard body for a day at the pool.

Click Here To See Britney Spears Oiled Up And Sexy In A White Bikini

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Pamela Anderson has plenty of experience applying suntan oil to her over exposed bod. Years after her hit television show, the Baywatch babe can still be found showing off her crazy curves on the beaches of Malibu, glistening and gorgeous.

Click Here To See Pamela Anderson’s Bombshell Bod Slicked Up

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Sammi Giancola, Snooki and J-Woww always grab the guido’s attention when they hit the Jersey Shore in their beyond sexy swimsuits. The potty-mouthed reality show stars never leave home without a bottle of body grease, slicking up to achieve the maximum amount of sun. It’s all about the GTL!

Click Here To See Sammi Giancola Stripped Down

Click Here To See Snooki Looking Sexy In Her Swimsuit

Click Here To See J-Woww Show Off Boobiful Bikini Bod

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And Alessandra Ambrosia and Brooklyn Decker both get paid the big bucks to show off their perfect 10 bikini bods in the skimpiest of swimsuits and lingerie, so they know all the tricks of the trade to looking as hot as can be.

Click Here To See Alessandra Ambrosia’s Amazing Bikini Bod

Click Here To See Brooklyn Decker’s Dangerously Hot Body

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What other sexy stars cover their curves in suntan oil? Click here to find out.



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