EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sister Wives & The Price Of Polygamy: ‘I Really Did Not See How The Dollars & Cents Were Going To Work’

Robyn, the newest wife on the controversial TLC show Sister Wives, is having a difficult time with her finances after joining the family, and in an exclusive clip obtained by RadarOnline.com the family’s money woes are discussed.

As the fourth and newest wife of Kody Brown, Robyn spoke about the trouble she is having adjusting to changes in her lifestyle.

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“Coming into the family and not working and not having money that I can just decide for.  It was this huge transition of going Kody, um, I need to pay a bill do I just put the bill on the counter? How do you want to work this?” Robyn admitted. 

“It was a really big transition for me.’

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Another Sister Wife shares her feelings of insecurities about having the fourth wife and the financial burden it could place on the family. 

“There are no bones about it.  I was very worried about the financial, and I really did not see how the dollars and cents were going to work.”

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The Brown family, with one dad, four moms and 13 children, are adjusting to the new family and the new expenses for life in the upcoming episode.

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com

Sister Wives The Price of Polygamy airs Sunday at 9/8c on TLC.


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