Charlie Sheen Drops ‘F-Bomb’ (Repeatedly) In Bizarre New Webcast

Charlie Sheen dropped the ‘F-Bomb’ more than a dozen times during the second edition of his self-produced Web series Sheen’s Korner, via the interactive broadcasting Web site, USTREAM.

In Sunday’s edition, the Two and a Half Men star launched into a bizarre, profanity-laced tirade that is difficult to follow, let alone understand.

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The episode unfolds with Charlie having an intense phone conversation with associate (and Tweet master) Bob Maron about how to improve the Web series.

“What the f**k is this?” Sheen said, before launching into a string of rapid-fire ramblings — including one seemingly targeted at the King Of All Media, Howard Stern.

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“What the f**k is this? Why? Howard Stern does that, its transparent, its the work of trolls… cause he was so f**king ugly his whole life and now he’s got power because he’s smart,” Sheen said.

Sheen tells Maron: “Know that I’m better solo. Don’t think, just know — I invented solo. There was, like, two guys in a plane and one jumped out and said, ‘It’s Charlie Sheen.’ It’s called solo.”

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In the expletive-laden rant, Sheen launched into a tirade against his malfunctioning phone, as he said he was “foiled by a piece of plastic designed by trolls covered in lights and buttons,” and claims “pain is a f**king myth” as he holds a lighter toward his face, saying he needs “anti-pain pills.”

Sheen called himself as a “truth-seeker,” as he discussed with Maron how to improve his Web series.

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At one point, Charlie said, “I’m gonna write my sermons, [and] I’m gonna deliver them like truth torpedoes.”

“You’re either in my corner, or you’re with the trolls!”

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After a series of tepid reviews poured in for his Saturday broadcast, Sheen summed up the webcast as “a shameful train wreck filled with blind, cuddly puppies.”

“Beggers beg — winners win,” Sheen said.

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Sheen also said, “I want to deliver some s**t, I want to deliver it in the epicenter of how I usually deliver things, which is perfect and truthful and radical and in your face… I don’t want to be like Conan or Jay [or] boring — I’m just not like that, I’ll never be like that.

“Go f**k yourself is the perfect everything, as we’re in a tsunami,” he said, before going on another rant against the cliche, “It is what it is.”

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“Be about something that matters — the only way you win is inside the truth… this is my message to you: Take it or die violently.”

Sheen also had bad news, as his pug Betty died at 11-years-old.

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“You will be missed, thanks for everything Betty, rock the next dimension,” Sheen said. “That’s how it goes: People die, dogs die, what are you gonna do?”



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