VIDEO: Justin Bieber Dishes On Girlfriends, Valentine’s Day

Justin Bieber dished on his Valentine’s Day plans, as well as the state of his love life, in an interview at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden with ET special correspondent Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thursday, and has all the scoop for you.

Bieber said on Valentine’s Day, he thinks he’s “gonna go to the theater and surprise [his] fans.”

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So for that million-dollar question: Does Justin have a girlfriend at this time?

“I have girlfriends — girls that are friends,” said the teen idol, who’s rumored to be involved with Disney diva Selena Gomez. “You have to always surround yourself with real and good people … [those] are hard to find in [show] business.”

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Bieber said his family will never hesitate to lend their thoughts on if a person is bad news.

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The teen heartthrob’s video for Baby is the most viewed-ever on YouTube, garnering more than 453 million hits in less than a year’s time.

Bieber’s 3D film Never Say Never hits theaters February 11.



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