PHOTOS: Dina Lohan Arrives In LA With Lindsay’s Siblings

Mama Lohan has arrived! After being separated from her daughter for months, Dina Lohan has flown across the country and has been reunited with Lindsay just days before her next court date.

Wearing a black shirt and shades, Dina, along with Lindsay’s three siblings, traveled from New York to Lindsay’s Venice Beach house on Monday and has the photos.

PHOTOS: Dina Lohan Arrives In LA With Lindsay’s Siblings

Ali, Michael Jr. and Cody are staying with their mom and big sis Lindsay in her cool beach pad.

The only one missing is Papa Lohan, and as previously reported, he is in Florida filming a commercial for the in-patient rehab center Inspirations.

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The famous mother daughter duo are often a fixture on the LA scene, so check back with to find out what Lindsay is doing with her mom Dina while she visits.

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