PHOTOS: Bikini Bottoms Only! Stars Who Flaunt Their Boobs On The Beach

Stars raise the heat when they strip down into their skimpy bikinis, but they set fire to the sand when they untie their tops and flaunt their amazing assets European style! has photos of Hollywood’s sexiest stars baring their boobs on the beach by going topless. Click the next sentence to see stars topless on the beach.

Click Here To See Stars Who Flaunt Their Boobs On The Beach By Going Topless

Cameron Diaz is a blockbuster babe with a bombshell body. The sexy 38-year-old was caught frolicking on a beach with Matt Dillon back in 1998, wearing only a skimpy black bikini bottom.  If you have got it, flaunt it, girl!

Click Here To See Cameron Topless On The Beach

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Megan Fox is one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood, who has no qualms about flaunting her assets in sexy style. When the former Transformer was making Jennifer’s Body, she gave her fans a sneak peak of Megan’s body, wearing only nude nippies during an underwater scene.

See Megan’s Body Sans Top By Clicking Here

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Supermodels get paid the big bucks to show off 99% of their hot bodies in magazines and catalogues, so they don’t really have a problem stripping down for tanning time. Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr and Elizabeth Hurley have all bared all at the beach.

Click Here To See Elle Macpherson

Click Here To See Elizabeth Hurley

Click Here To See Miranda Kerr

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And Paris Hilton bared her body in a racy sextape with Rick Solomon, so the smoking hot heiress probably didn’t think it was a big deal to take her top off at the beach.

Click Here To See Paris Hilton Without Her Bikini Top

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What other bikini babes aren’t too shy to shed their tops? Click here to find out.



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