EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: Jersey Shore’s Emilio Says ‘Enough Of Ronnie & Sammi!’

Snookie‘s ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella gave his personal recap of Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore in an exclusive blog for RadarOnline.com, where he complained about the hit MTV reality show has turned into the Ronnie and Sammi show.

“With Ronnie and Sam, it’s so boring! Is it ever going to end? All they do is just fight and fight and get back together,” he said during his video blog, exclusively for RadarOnline.com.

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“The whole episode is Ron and Sam. Everyone is getting tired of them fighting, they live in the house so technically it’s everyone’s business. It’s ridiculous.”

Emilio also expresses his disgust at Ronnie’s behavior and his constant hypocrisy where Sam is concerned.

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He added, “‘It’s fine for me to cheat but don’t tell her’. Ronnie lives in his own freaking world. What world do you live in that it’s ok to cheat when theyre not there – but when they’re there, it’s not alright to cheat?

“All we see is Ronnie crying and crying and crying. A little bit is alright but you’re supposed to be a guy. If you like the girl, don’t cheat on her and be with her. Whats so hard about that?

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“Their relationship doesnt even make sense. They go from point A to point A, theres no B, its a neverending story.”

And Emilio was not impressed with what he considered to be Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino‘s pandering to Ronnie’s ego.

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“You see Mike become a woman in this video because he backs down to Ronnie by agreeing that Ronnie is right even though Ronnie is wrong, so Mike turns into a little b*tch, I don’t like that part.”

Emilio also noticed how unhealthy the cast are, and recommended they take better care of themselves.

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“Did anyone notice all the cigarettes they have outside? They need to stop smoking and stop drinking, they’re getting raspy voices.

“At this point I’m only liking Deena, she’s the only one good on the cast now. She’s a blast in a glass. When is something fun going to happen? They shouldn’t have cut me out.”

Jersey Shore airs on MTV Thursday at 10/9c; check back for more of Emilio’s exclusive blogs right here on RadarOnline.com.


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