VIDEO: Woman Has 200 Pairs Of Shoes (And Counting) On TLC’s My Strange Addiction

Meet Rebecca  — a woman who would make shoe lovin’ Carrie Bradshaw green with envy.

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The 27-year-old brunette’s love of shoes — a  $45,000 collection spanning more than 200 pairs — was chronicled on Wednesday’s edition of My Strange Addiction, the 12-part series from TLC which chronicles individuals whose habits border on the freakishly bizarre.

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“When you are feeling the right pair of heels your feeling powerful,” Rebecca said, comparing herself to a superhero donning a cape. “It’s a euphoric adrenaline rush, there’s nothing like it.”

In another instance from the episode, Rebecca said — with a straight face — that she believed her shoes “have feelings, so if I don’t wear them, or if I ignore them, I believe I hurt their feelings.”

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Later on, we learn that Rebecca’s shopping is putting her pending wedding at risk, as she’s unable to save up for the big day because of — you guessed it, shoes.

Fun fact: Imelda Marcos, the widow of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, owned 3,000 pairs of shoes at one point during the 80s.

My Strange Addiction airs Wednesday at 9/8c on TLC.



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