VIDEO: Man In Love With Real Doll On TLC’s My Strange Addiction

It’s a real-life version of the touching Ryan Gosling‘s 2007 movie, Lars and the Real Girl. ( If you missed it — rent it on Netflixs!)

In this true story, we meet Davecat, a man who admittedly treats his real doll — a life size doll of woman that’s marketed as a sex aid — like she’s his wife.

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The 37-year-old man was profiled on the newest installment of My Strange Addiction, TLC’s 12-part series about people with unusual habits and lifestyles.

“I cant live without my real doll,” Davecat said, adding when he first got the doll, he called her “my synthetic girlfriend.”

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“It’s actually progressed to the point where its like you know, she’s my wife,” adding he also loves to dress and primp her for photoshoots.

“It brings us closer together,” he said, adding he thinks his fetish stems from childhood trips to the department store, where he remembers an early interest towards mannequins.

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My Strange Addiction airs Wednesday at 9/8c on TLC.



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