VIDEO: Couch Eater, Furries Featured On TLC’s My Strange Addiction

The newest installment of My Strange Addiction, TLC’s 12-part series about people with unusual habits and lifestyles, featured a woman who eats her couch and another who enjoys wearing a big furry animal costume in public.

Adele’s a 30-year-old who began eating couch cushions when she was 10, the year her parents divorced. Twenty years later, she estimates she’s polished off enough cushions to furnish a department store showroom — seven couches and two chairs, to be exact.

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“It makes me sick to eat it, but I’m still eating it; it really is out of control,” Adele said, adding she’s suffered health complications as a result of her strange addiction.

Then there’s Lauren, the 19-year-old college student who’s immersed herself in the “Furries” subculture (dressing up in furry, ornate animal costumes), and likes to blow off steam by donning a Bugs Bunny-like get-up in public.

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“My self-esteem isn’t the best,” she said. “Normally I’m kind of shy, but [my Furries alter ego] lets me bring out my more outgoing and talkative side.”

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My Strange Addiction airs Wednesday at 9/8c on TLC.



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