PHOTOS: Bikini Wars! Man-Eaters Vs. Monogamists

Whether they change boyfriends as often as their bikinis, or prefer to keep in simple with only one hunk at a time, one thing is for sure — these Hollywood stars have banging bikini bodies! is pitting the sexiest man-eaters against the most babelicious monogamists in our weekly Bikini Wars feature. Click the next sentence to see who takes home the bikini wars gold.

Click Here To See Bikini Wars!  Man-Eaters Vs. Monogamists

Cameron Diaz is a hard-bodied hottie who loves to play the field with the hottest players in the game of love. Heidi Klum also has a fat-free and fabulous figure, but prefers the fashionable family life to the excitement of the game.  Which of these slender stars has a better bikini body? Click here to see Cameron and Heidi duke it out in their sexy swimsuits.

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Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are country music’s sexiest stars. The blonde crooner cutie’s may compete on the Billboard charts, but their love lives couldn’t be any more different. While Taylor jumps around from Taylor Lautner to Joe Jonas to John Mayer to Jake Gyllenhaal, Carrie has settled into married life with her hockey player hunk Mike FisherClick here to find out who wins the Bikini Wars title for hottest country cutie.

PHOTOS: Bikini Wars! Sexy Songbirds Battle It Out On The Beach

Kate Hudson and Katy Perry were both born and bred on the beaches of Southern California. The sexy California Gurls both tote some of the most covetable curves on the coastline, but while Kate has sampled the goods when it comes to the hottest guys in town, Katy is living the Teenage Dream with hubby Russell Brand. Click here to find out if Katy or Kate makes more waves in the Pacific.

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From sexy sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton to bikini bad girls Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, find out who takes home the top Bikini Wars honors by clicking here.



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