VIDEO: Kendra Sobs ‘We’re Going To Have To Be Apart Hank!’

In a sneak peak of the upcoming episode of Kendra, the blonde bombshell mom has an emotional breakdown and cries to Hank about the stress of being a football wife.

With little Hank Jr. playing between his parents, Kendra sobs talking to her husband.

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“I always knew it was possible that you could get cut. That’s my fault not being somewhat independent. I had you as my husband but I also need to find some independence for myself too.”

“I feel like an NFL wife,” she cries.

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Then Kendra makes a shocking statement to her stunned husband.

“We’re going to have to be apart Hank!” she sobs as he looks on morosely.

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“That just sucks,” Hank says to his wife as their little boy plays next to them.

Check out Kendra on E! on Sundays at 10pm.


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