VIDEO: Johnny Depp Accepts A Dare By Angelina Jolie — And Gets Humped!

Every dog has his day, and for Angelina Jolie‘s beloved bulldog Jacques, that day came during a shooting of The Tourist, when the chubby hound almost had his way with one of Hollywood’s hunkiest leading men, Johnny Depp.

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Depp, appearing on The Late Show Tuesday, told David Letterman a tale about taking “some species of a dare” from his fellow A-lister Jolie to baby-sit her 175-pound pooch in his room for a night — to results that were pure hilarity!

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He said that as he sat down on a bed the pooch was stationed on, he saw “175 pounds of girth [was] hurled at me,” joking it felt more like 300 pounds with the force behind it.

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Depp said he “did nothing to instigate” the outburst of love, joking Jacques “was prepared to have his way with me.”

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The Tourist, which also stars Angelina Jolie, hits theaters Friday.


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