PHOTOS: Bootylicious! The Biggest & Sexiest Bikini Backsides

Baby Got Back!  

PHOTOS: Bootylicious!  The Biggest & Sexiest Bikini Backsides

While many Hollywood stars look fabulous when they strip down into their skimpy bikinis, only a handful can fill out their bikini bottoms in truly ample fashion. has compiled photos of the most Bootylicious actresses, singers and models, whose swerving curves stop traffic on the red carpet–and on the beach!

Kim Kardashian didn’t earn the nickname The Tush for nothing!  The reality star definitely has “little in the middle but she got much back,” to quote the booty expert Sir Mix A Lot.  Kim knows how to make the most of her assets on the red carpet in skintight and sexy dresses, but when she hits the beach in barely there bikinis, the bombshell puts it all out on display.

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Beyonce coined the term Bootylicious with her group Destiny’s Child, so it isn¹t surprising that she defines the term.  The sassy singer loves shaking her stuff on stage in her scanty costumes‹and also on the beach in skimpy swimsuits.

See Beyonce Bootylicious backside here.

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Bigscreen babe Jessica Biel hits the gym hard to keep her backside firm and shapely.  When the sexy brunette sheds her layers and hits the sand, all the squatting and lunging pays off by the tenfold!

See Jessica’s desperately sexy derriere here.

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And Ice-T’s curvy off screen costar Coco has one of the most famous bums in the world!  The busty blonde has no qualms about showing off every inch of her larger-than-life booty in g-string bikini bottoms.

See Coco’s big bottom here.

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From J. Lo to J. Love, find out what other stars round out’s list of the biggest and sexiest bikini backsides in Hollywood here.


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