PHOTO: Miley Cyrus In Racy New Photo Scandal

Miley Cyrus obviously can’t be tamed. She’s now in the middle of yet another photo scandal, and has the picture for you.

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The latest Miley photo to hit the Internet shows her barely dressed in black, looking shocked as her assistant pretends to lick her breasts!

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Like all of Miley’s previously “leaked” scandalous photos and videos, the singer is looking right into the camera, obviously aware that the incident was being recorded for all to see.

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Miley’s exhausted dad Billy Ray Cyrus recently calls his daughter’s actions “beyond” his control.

This latest Miley scandal comes just weeks after she was videotaped smoking salvia from a bong.  The herb is legal in California and most states but can make users as high as those using LSD!


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