Heidi Montag’s Mom Blasts Her: ‘It’s Time You Showed A Little Respect’

Heidi Montag‘s estranged mother Darlene Egelhoff has blasted her daughter in a new post on her self-titled blog, telling her: “It’s time you showed a little respect!”

Egelhoff wrote she’d “decided to leave Heidi out of my blog because I had heard second hand she was accusing me of ‘using her.'” But mom says she believes her blog posts actually are benefiting Heidi “and if anything helping her image.”

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Last month, Heidi’s husband Spencer Pratt labeled Egelhoff a “hypocrite” who was just interested in trying to piggyback off her daughter’s fame.

In her response, Egelhoff tore into her daughter over their year-long estrangement.

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“Heidi was so unbelievably cute and such an equal part of our family, all but the last year, that without her our history is incomplete,” her mother wrote.

“She is a part of our family whether she acts like it at this time or not. If you don’t like it Heids, call me, lets work it out, otherwise too bad.  

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“I’m the mother; it’s time you showed a little respect.

“I have made mistakes but none that warrant completely shunning your entire family as a result. If you want to receive grace you must give grace.”

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Pratt has insisted Egelhoff is insincere in her public attempts at reconciliation with Heidi.

“If I [needed] an acting coach, I would go to Darlene,” Pratt said, adding she can cry on cue “like she’s Julia Roberts!”


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