EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Passed Drug & Alcohol Test Following Alleged Betty Ford Bust, Says Dad Michael

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has come to her defense following the release of a story claiming that officials at The Betty Ford Center busted up a alcohol-fueled party that the actress and her roommates were throwing at one of the treatment center’s satellite homes. Michael told RadarOnline.com exclusively that the story is untrue.

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“There was never a party at Lindsay’s sober house,” Michael explained. “The situation arose as Lindsay and two other girls were on a pass. Lindsay was getting her hair done while the other two girls went their own way. When it was time to get back, Lindsay and the two girls had a problem meeting up, to which they wound up being 10 minutes later back to the property.”

He called rumors of failed sobriety tests “totally false.”

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“Lindsay and the other two girls tested negative for drugs and alcohol,” he added.

“While I do not know the whereabouts of the other two girls, I do know that Lindsay has been moved to a secret location and is still actively involved in the program- and honestly doing better than ever.

“She had me in tears last night when I saw her: she is doing incredibly well and I am so proud to be her father.”

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