EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Folds One Business, Plans To Expand Another

Jesse James may be putting up his flagship West Coast Choppers business for sale as RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, but that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on all of his California-based endeavors.

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Despite moving to Texas earlier this summer, James is looking to expand his restaurant, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Cisco Burger,  James’ old-school hamburger stand “with a modern, eco-friendly philosophy,” continues to thrive.

On a recent weekday, the Long Beach-located joint was packed during lunch hour.

A source confirmed to RadarOnline.com that James is considering expanding to other locations, even in other states.

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Meanwhile, at nearby West Coat Choppers, the prices of all the current in-house merchandise has been slashed to prepare for its closing. Since James is already working out of a new business in Texas — the Austin Speed Shop — it is unlikely there will be a revival of West Coast Choppers.

RadarOnline.com reported exclusively that the 11,500 square foot space was placed on the market for $1,599,000 on December 2.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James’ Business Officially For Sale For $1,599,000

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