DOUBLE TAKE! Pauly D Comes Face-To-Face With Look-alike

Move over Pauly D, there’s a new hair raising star in town — and he looks just like you!

PHOTOS: Pauly D Hangs With His Look-alike has the exclusive pictures which give new meaning to the term ‘twin peaks’ proving Pauly D and his famous hair, well, are not one of a kind.

Pauly D. Spins at Terminal 5 Night Club in New York City

But the DJ — real name Paul Delvecchio — won’t have to worry about his doppleganger stealing the show, because 16-year-old Joey Mancini is just a high school student from Connecticut.

“I was watching the show the first day it came out and I needed a new haircut, and then I saw Pauly D’s,” he told


“I had always had a blow out but it was more Gotti style.

“When I went into school everyone started calling me Pauly and now where ever I go people call me little Pauly.

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“I met him at a club here in Connecticut when he was doing an appearance and as soon as he saw me he said; ‘You look just like me’ and ‘you’re my twin.’

“It was really funny because he even joked with me and said; ‘You’re hair looks better than mine!’

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“He’s a really nice guy, when everyone was getting kicked out of the vip section he called me back and asked if I wanted a photo together and we took a couple.”

Mancini has made another Jersey Shore pal too after contacting Emilio Masella to invite him to his Sweet 16 birthday party.

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And in a generous gesture, he accepted the invite and made an appearance on his big day.

“When I saw his photo on Facebook I couldn’t believe how much he looked like Pauly D,” Emilio said.

“He seemed like a sweet kid and so when he asked me to come to his birthday party I showed up and of course brought him some hair gel.”


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