Demi Lovato Spends Christmas Out Of Rehab With Her Family

Demi Lovato was able to celebrate Christmas with her family, has confirmed. broke the news last week that the troubled Disney star was being permitted to leave her treatment facility to spend Christmas with her family.  It was a day pass only, no overnights.

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Her mom Dianna, stepdad Eddie De La Garza, and two sisters made the trip through the snow to visit with Demi.

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She is making “great progress” with the issues that caused her to seek treatment, a source tells us.

Demi was opening for the Jonas Brothers and traveling with them last Halloween weekend, when she punched dancer Alex Welch.

Within days she admitted herself into a treatment center to seek help for “emotional and physical issues she’s dealt with for some time,” her rep said.

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Just before Christmas Demi settled with Welch, preventing what could have been a very messy lawsuit.  The matter “ended in a complete and amicable resolution,” the dancer’s attorney told

Now all Demi’s efforts are focused for getting healthy.


Demi Lovato To Spend Christmas With Her Family

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