VIDEO: Sister Wives Talk Sex On TLC Special

On Sunday, TLC viewers got in-depth with the Brown family on the Sister Wives Special, a Q & A with NBC’s Natalie Morales where Kody Brown and his wives talked about their way of life, which has made for ratings gold for TLC.

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Morales wasted little time getting to the tough questions, as she asked the Utah residents about the schematics of their sex lives all sharing the same spouse.

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“Christine, Janelle and I have have a room, and Kody is allowed in each of those rooms,” Meri told Morales. “That’s just how it is, we don’t go weird.”

When Morales pressed further about the sleeping arrangements, Christine said “it’s not anything we really want to talk about.

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“We don’t really wanna go there, honestly, that’s a private part of our lives,” Christine said.

Christine said that the arrangement wasn’t about sex, but rather about family, relationships, love and raising children.

On last week’s highly-rated season finale, more than 2.7 million viewers got a bird’s eye view of an authentic polygamist wedding, as Brown’s three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, helped his fiancée Robyn pick out her wedding dress, a cake and a venue for the big day, some of which was aired on the show.

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The network has authorized 10 shows that will begin airing in March, as well as a special that will document Kody enjoying his first moments with his new wife Robyn, set to air November 28 on TLC.


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