Jesse Ventura Airs Shocking Claim Of Government Assassin Who Claimed Job Was To Kill JFK

Jesse Ventura is planning to deliver mind blowing evidence in the investigation into President John F Kennedy‘s death with a confession from a government assassin and has a preview of the shocking audio.

The former Governor of Minnesota will air the confession on his show Conspiracy Theory as he attempts to solve the mystery of ‘Who Killed JFK?’

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CIA operative E. Howard Hunt was part of an elite group of government assassins, whose alleged job was to kill the president in 1963 and his son is the one coming forward to reveal the startling admissions.

“He admitted that the code name for the operation to assassinate John F Kennedy was called ‘The Big Event’ and he was proud of it,” his son told Ventura.

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Jesse then plays the audio tape of Hunt talking about the mission, claiming JFK was killed by more than one shooter, under the direction of the CIA.

During the show, Hunt’s son makes a number of staggering revelations including claims that Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was involved because he wanted to take control of the country.

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Included in the show is Ventura’s attempt to recreate Lee Harvey Oswald‘s shooting on the day of JFK’s death.

Conspiracy Theory will air November 19th at 10pm on Tru TV.


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