EXCLUSIVE: Former Survivor Producer Bruce Beresford-Redman Hoping To Reach Custody Agreement Privately

The custody trial involving the children of former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman and his murdered wife Monica was expected to begin Tuesday afternoon in a Los Angeles court but a source close to the family told RadarOnline.com exclusively that all parties are working on an out of court custody agreement.

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“It looks like the custody trial might not begin today after all because both sides are trying to come to an out of court custody agreement,” the source said. “There’s an 80 percent chance that a custody agreement is going to be reached and a custody trial will be avoided.

“Neither Bruce’s parents, nor Monica’s sisters want to engage the children in a prolonged custody trial. The goal is to get this done amicably, and out of the spotlight,” the source added.

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Monica’s sisters, Carla and Jeanne Burgos, have battled the Beresford-Redman family in court for custody of Bruce and Monica’s two children, Alec, 3, and Camila, 5, since Monica was found murdered in Cancun while on vacation with her husband and children.

Bruce’s parents, David and Juanita, currently have custody of the children.

Alec and Camila are living with their father and grandparents in Rancho Palos Verdes.

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Bruce returned to the United States in May after being questioned by Mexican authorities in the weeks following his wife’s murder. He remains a person of interest and there’s a warrant out for his arrest in Mexico.

A source familiar with the investigation told RadarOnline.com that Bruce’s return back to Mexico is “inevitable.”

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“There is a very lengthy procedure that the United State Department and Mexican officials must formally go through,” a source said. “It will likely be several more months before all the paperwork is completed, but at some point it will be inevitable that Bruce will be ordered to go back to Mexico to answer questions the Mexican authorities have regarding their murder investigation.”


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