VIDEO: Barbara Bush: I Hope Sarah Palin Stays In Alaska

At 85, Barbara Bush is still as fiesty as ever.

The always outspoken former first lady doesn’t appear to think much of Sarah Palin Presidential aspirations, saying the former Alaska governor should stay in her home state. (Ouch!)

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In an interview with CNN’s Larry King scheduled to air Monday, Mrs. Bush says she sat next to Palin once and “thought she was beautiful.”

Mrs. Bush also told King that Palin seems “very happy in Alaska”, but then added, “I hope she’ll stay there.”

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In an excerpt provided by CNN, both Mr. and Mrs. Bush complimented their son, former President George W. Bush, on the success of his recent memoir, Decision Points.

The former president says his son has “done a good job selling the darn thing.”

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Meanwhile, Palin also has a book to promote. America by Heart: Reflections on Flag, Faith and Family is due out Tuesday, November 23.



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