VIDEO: Tensions Explode On MTV’s Teen Mom

Mothers, boyfriends, exes and even the dearly departed all caught some shrapnel on Tuesday’s edition of MTV’s Teen Mom, as the young mothers clashed with others in their complicated lives.  

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Maci and her boyfriend Kyle broke up after too much back-and-forth drama over Kyle’s work schedule and his cold feet toward the relationship. After the split, Maci’s pals came over to console her, as she was distraught in losing a boyfriend both she and her son Bentley adored. We also saw Maci’s unsuccessful efforts in trying to potty train Bentley.

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Farrah inadvertently dug up more painful memories of the past when she confirmed that her baby Sophia was indeed fathered by her ex-boyfriend Derrick, who perished in a car accident in late-2008. Unresolved issues over the tragic death landed Farrah and her mother Debra in a counseling session. Debra couldn’t understand why Farrah still grieves over Derrick, who Debra said was less that a saint to her when he was alive. Farrah, unmoved, was seen showing her daughter pics of her late father in a scrapbook.

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Amber and Gary’s relationship continued to crumble, as Gary’s efforts to win her back resulted in a few tongue lashings and dressing downs from the target of his affections. In the meantime, we saw Amber on a first date with a new man, Chris, a recently-released convict who said the day he met Amber was the best day of his life.

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Catelynn’s never-ending problems with her mother April continued, as Catelynn’s enthusiasm about meeting her child Carly (who she put up for adoption) is met with April’s whining about phone minutes. After the meeting, April blows off Catelynn, later revealing her contempt for her daughter not giving parenthood a six-month trial period as she’d hoped for, and putting the child up for adoption right away.

New episodes of Teen Mom airs on MTV Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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