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VIDEO: Susan Boyle Says She Was Bullied, Her Clothes Burned With A Cigarette

International songbird Susan Boyle spoke about the devastating bullying she received as a child to Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday, revealing that she was severely taunted by kids as a child.

Susan told Oprah that the bullies, in addition to calling her names she wouldn’t even repeat, would burn her clothes with a cigarette.

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She spoke about the emotional trauma she dealt with. “It made me feel as if nobody loved me, I didn’t really matter. I was just a target.”

Susan laughed as she remembered how she sometimes handled the bullies. “I was hyperactive at school.  I used the chase after them!”

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She said she just tried to get their respect and admitted even now with her fame and fortune “some of the bullies are still around.”

Oprah had a suggestion for how to pay the bullies back:  “Send them a signed autographed CD saying ‘how ya like me now?'”

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Susan had a heartwarming statement about how she feels now. “I feel like a princess and I feel loved for the first time in my life.”

She performed a beautiful choral version of the Crowded House song Hey Now Hey Now to the cheering studio audience of Oprah’s show.

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Susan’s new book is titled The Woman I Was Born to Be and her new album is The Gift and available in stores on November 9.

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