VIDEO: The Sitch Strikes Out — Twice!! — On Jersey Shore

It hasn’t been the best of weeks for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: first, he stumbled his way off Dancing With The Stars, and on Thursday’s episode of MTV’s smash-hit Jersey Shore, the ab-fab ladies man failed to seal the deal with not one, but two beauties he took home with him.

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This week’s episode showcased The Sitch’s irritability at the slightest hint of a sexual slump, as he’s clearly happier as a leading man than supporting actor.

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Playing wingman to Pauly D, Sitch started off the episode getting the crew kicked out of a club after a mouthy run-in with some wanna-bes. After Pauly D whisked two young girls in the cab on the way out, The Situation failed to get his designated girl, a sexy brunette, into bed — so he escorted  the girl   into the living room to wait in purgatory while Pauly D worked on getting his “smush” on.

When The Sitch bitterly tells the girl he expected a little more than a game of checkers, she shot back, “I never said anything about checkers, old man,” before leaving with her pal.

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Said an irate Pauly D: “I need somebody that knows how to take one for the team or entertain a grenade or even decipher the bomb if one comes.”

The next night, Pauly D works his magic again, bringing home a pair of Canadian beauties. Only problem is, The Sitch’s designated date for the night is engaged, which in turn, leaves The Situation a disinterested wingman, providing no cover to aid Pauly D in his conquest.

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“I was nice enough to bring two,” Pauly D said. “At least entertain the chick or something so I can get it in.”

Can the Sitch rebound from his 0-for-2 evening? We’ll find out when Jersey Shore returns on MTV next Thursday at 10/9c.


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