VIDEO: Jon Stewart Mocks Rick Sanchez – Compares Him To Michael Scott From The Office

Jon Stewart mocked fired CNN anchor Rick Sanchez once again on The Daily Show Monday night, comparing Sanchez to the Michael Scott character played by Steve Carell on NBC’s The Office.

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As previously reported, Sanchez took a swipe at Stewart last week on a Sirius radio show in which he dubbed Stewart “a bigot,” marginalized his upbringing and openly debated whether Jewish people (Stewart is Jewish) can claim to be an oppressed, unrepresented minority.

The comments sparked a firestorm of controversy in the media, leading CNN to quickly sack Sanchez as word spread Friday.

Jon Stewart Fires Back At Rick Sanchez

In one excerpt from the radio show that Stewart re-played on Monday night’s The Daily Show, Sanchez said, “I’m so glad that [Stewart] grew up in a suburban middle-class New Jersey home with everything that you could ever imagine.”

In reply, Stewart said Sanchez “really nailed what it was like growing up in central Jersey in the early ’70s, the fortunate son of a single mother in the education field.”

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Stewart said when he heard Sanchez’s questioning whether Jews should be considered an oppressed minority, he thought, “There’s no way this cat survives the weekend at CNN.

“It’s one of those days that I’m thinking, ‘Why don’t we tape on Fridays?'” Stewart joked.

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Stewart then finished Sanchez off with a hilarious montage of footage featuring Sanchez and his similar mannerisms to Steve Carell’s buffoonish character from The Office.

“Carell is leaving The Office, NBC is looking to replace him… Sanchez is available!” Stewart said.

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