VIDEO: Duggar Daughter Gets Clawed By A Cat!

The Duggar kids are never lacking for attention, and in the newest episode of 19 Kids and Counting one of the older daughters gets a little extra love – from a cat.

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Anna, Jinger, Jill and Jana are shopping at a friend’s house for children’s discounted children’s clothes when the family pet cozies up to one of the girls.

“We have so many little girls, and really any of these clothes are going to fit one of them, and so … and I’ve got a cat clawing on me,” Jill said as a cat climbed up on a table and clawed at her pony tail! She took it in stride and smiled while it happens.

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The girls end up buying 23 items for just $30. They are bargain shopping, but Anna is driving a Hummer H2  which  she explains was a gift from Josh for her birthday, but the gas is so expensive that they’re trying to sell the SUV.

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“My daughter is in cloth diapers,” Anna said in defense of the gas guzzler.

“One day I spent shopping … I spent more on gas,” she said, justifying the decision to sell the car.

The episode also showed mom Michelle resting and recovering from her gall bladder surgery, which Jim Bob said she told him was “more difficult than childbirth!”

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“Surgery isn’t for sissies,” Michelle told the camera.

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