PHOTOS: Tiger Woods Cleans Up His Act

His reputation has been run through the mud, so what’s a guy to do? Clean up your act, of course!

PHOTOS: Tiger Woods Cleans Up His Act

Yes, Tiger Woods enjoyed some manly pampering Thursday morning near his home not far from Orlando, Florida – getting a shave and a haircut at a local barber shop, and has the pics.

But the big question is: Is Tiger’s reputation about to be soiled again? As has previously reported, Woods’ former mistress, porn star Devon James, claims she has a sex tape of the two and says it will go on sale Friday.

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The film’s producer – who also happens to be Devon’s husband – told us, “I was told there was a bid by his lawyers to buy the tape, but so far no deal has been struck, and I don’t think it will be either.”

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However, there is no proof that the sex tape actually exists, and even Devon’s own mother has labeled her daughter a liar.



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