PHOTOS: Brad Pitt Shoots Angelina At Work

Brad Pitt is chronicling very step of Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, has learned.   The actor is on the Budapest set of Angelina’s as yet-untitled love story, photographing her at work.

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Angelina’s movie is already controversial.  Set during the horrific Bosnian-Serbian war, it’s the story of a Serb soldier who falls in love with a Muslim woman.  The Women Victims of War Association complained about some of the graphic nature of the movie, and as reported, last week her filming permits were briefly withdrawn.

With that behind her, Angelina is back at work calling the shots, with Brad taking still shots of her on the job.

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Brad has previously photographed Angelina pregnant and even nursing the twins for the fashion magazine W.

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He hasn’t said whether these new images of Angelina will end up on his office wall or published in a book or magazine.

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