PHOTOS: Bikinis! Horror’s Hottest Stars Strip Down

Whether on the big screen in scary horror movies or stripped down on the beach in their skimpy swimsuits, these bikini babes know how to make the crowd scream!

PHOTOS: Bikinis! Horror Hotties Strip Down

In honor of Halloween, has compiled photos of the sexiest stars in horror movie history, showing off their flawlessly toned figures in barely-there bathing suits. No blood included!

What is more impressive than her role in Jennifer’s Body, is Megan Fox‘s smoking hot beach bod!

The sultry star, who played a savage, man-eating coed in the sexy and blood drenched black comedy, knows how to eat up the competition when it comes to showing off her bombshell curves in sexy style.

Take a look at Megan’s Body (sans blood).

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And in case you have forgotten, Paris Hilton has starred in more than just a sextape!

PHOTOS: Paris Hilton’s Perfect Bikini Bod

The blonde babe hit the big screen, along with fellow Horror Hottie Elisha Cuthbert in the uber-freaky remake of House of Wax.

Although the heiress’ performance wasn’t award-worthy, her hard-bodied bikini bod definitely is.

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Neve Campbell, Drew Barrymore and Courteney Cox all have something in common, other than the fact they love showing off their hot bodies in splash-worthy style.

The three uber-babes have all appeared in the freaky film franchise Scream, but not all have made it out alive.

PHOTOS: Bikini Bad Girls!

From scream queen to Academy Award nominee?

Michelle Williams definitely has a covetable career path — as well as covetable curves.

The same year the blond babe began her stint on the popular show Dawson’s Creek, she headed to the big screen in Halloween sequel H2O.

Check out Michelle’s award winning figure.

What other scream queens made’s horrific hotlist? Find out in our special photo feature.

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