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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Brett Favre Caught On Video Singing ‘We Want P**sy’

NFL superstar Brett Favre has had his share of great moments caught on video – but this isn’t one he’ll cherish.

The Minnesota Vikings’ star quarterback is under investigation by the league for sexting a beautiful reporter, and now RadarOnline.com has obtained video of Favre singing a raunchy song about “wanting p**sy” as he ogled strippers and chugged beer in a Milwaukee bar.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch a clip of the video

The never-before-released tape shows Favre, then 23, letting loose with his Green Bay Packers’ teammates in a loud bar as they judged a ‘HOTT BUNS’ contest.

EXTENDED VERSION: Watch the full 30 minute version here

The video was shot on December 7, 1992 and it’s unlikely that it will factor into the NFL’s current investigation. At the time, Favre already had one child with his wife Deanna, but they were not yet married.

Chuck Cecil, who is now the Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator, is also seen going wild in the video.

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At one point, Favre grabs the microphone and breaks out into a bad rendition of 2 Live Crew’s hit ‘We Want Some P**sy’ in front of the bevy of babes.

“Hey, we want some p**sy,” he sang.

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Favre busted out a handful of lines before a wise-thinking partygoer threw a flag on the play and wrestled back the mic.

The drunken star also drank beer and doused his mouth in hard liquor when introduced to the crowd.

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“It was out of control,” an eyewitness who was at the event told RadarOnline.com.

“Brett was drunk, as were most of his teammates and they behaved as such.”

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Earlier that night, the Packers had defeated the Chicago Bears and were looking forward to their next game against the Houston Oilers.

In another moment, Favre whipped up a chant of “F*ck you Oilers”.

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It’s the latest embarrassment to hit the Vikings’ star after he was allegedly caught out sending lewd photos of his penis and messages to sexy New York Jets sideline reporter Jennifer Sterger.

“Send me a text. Love to see you tonight,” one said.

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The gray-haired champion, who recently turned 41, has been married for 14 years to cancer survivor Deanna, although the couple has been together much longer. Favre became a grandfather in the spring.

The raging night out in 1992 took place three years after the birth of Favre’s first child, daughter Brittany Nicole.

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In her 2007 autobiography, Deanna wrote that in the ’90s — before they married — Favre was abusing booze and Vicodin.

She said she was aware that “there were other women at those places where Brett and his friends were partying.”

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The video also provides a rare look into players going wild off the field.

In another moment captured on camera, Cecil, who is regarded as among the most vicious hitters in NFL history, opens a beer bottle with his teeth as the crowd lauds him as the “baddest mother f*cker” in the competition.

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According to Deadspin, the website that broke the sexting scandal, Favre also tried to seduce two female massage therapists who worked part-time for the New York Jets.

One woman exchanged phone numbers with Favre and the other claims the quarterback sent “nasty” text messages and invited both women to his hotel room.

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Favre, who has not denied the allegations, met with NFL officials on Tuesday.

At a press conference Wednesday, Favre refused to comment when asked about the investigation into his alleged behavior.

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“That’s a league issue,” Favre said, “that I just have to leave at that.”

The NFL has the power to fine or even suspend Favre if it finds he violated its personal conduct policy.

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Commissioner Roger Goodell used the same policy to suspend Pittsburgh Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger for four games after he was accused of, but not charged with, sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman at a Georgia college bar.



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