EXCLUSIVE: J-WOWW’s Surprising Yearbook Photos

Long before she became one of the best known reality TV stars in America, Jenni Farley, otherwise known as Jersey Shore‘s J-WOWW, was a regular public school student who wasn’t popular.


And while she certainly stands out from the crowd now, J-WOWW was just like millions of other American kids while in school, and RadarOnline.com has exclusive shots from her childhood yearbooks.

“She wasn’t very popular,” a classmate of hers told RadarOnline.com exclusively. She is now on one of the most popular television shows and is best friends with her pint-sized co-star Snooki.

“Jenni didn’t have a boyfriend that I remember and she wasn’t on any sports teams or in any clubs really,” the classmate said about J-WOWW.

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That’s a big change from the person she is now: someone who isn’t afraid to hook up with new guys, party all night long and fight when she wants to!

As a student at Genet Middle School in East Greenbush, New York, Jenni’s 5th and 6th grade photos show an adorable, smiling brunette.

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“She was quiet, but nice to other people. She had a close best friend and she mostly hung out with her,” the classmate said.

While attending Columbia High School — also in East Greenbush — Jenni looked a lot more like her current self, sporting her Jersey Shore smirk. She even went blonde for a little while!

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Though Farley now has her own sexy lingerie line called Filthy Couture, back then, she was much more low-key.  “She always wore jeans and hoodies, she didn’t really dress up,” the classmate said.

The Jersey Shore season two finale is Friday, October 22 on MTV at 10pm.



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