EXCLUSIVE: Christine O’Donnell Sex Accuser Shopped Story For $25,000

The man who claims he had a sexless one-night stand with Senate nomninee Christine O’Donnell attempted to sell his story for $25,000.

The story ended up on Gawker and has caused a firestorm of controversy and drawn criticism from many camps, including the National Organization for Women.

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Before the bizarre anonymous account of a Halloween night encounter with O’Donnell was published elsewhere, it was shopped to RadarOnline.com, which declined to run the story.

In emails to our site, a man claiming to represent the person who spent the night with O’Donnell asked for $25,000 and said that O’Donnell’s pseudo-paramour wanted to remain anonymous but would sign an affidavit about the events of the evening and would come forward if necessary for a lawsuit.

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The man told Gawker that he ended up in bed with O’Donnell but they did not have sex and she said she was a virgin, although he later interpreted that to be a born-again virgin.

In contact with RadarOnline.com before the story was published, a man claiming to be a “friend” of the person who slept with O’Donnell said in pitching the story: “We don’t think she will go away and will continue to grow to be one of America’s most polarizing figures, a la Sarah Palin.

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We believe that the pictures and the story portray Ms. O’Donnell in a bar atmosphere, visibly drunk in a ridiculous/risque costume. She looks like a typical “party girl” on the prowl for younger guys and a “good time.” These pictures show the polar opposite of the prude she pretends to be in public.”

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The person also boasted that the story would lead to “weeks of jokes/follow up from Letterman, Stewart, Maher, Maddow, etc.”

The details sent to RadarOnline.com are completely consistent with what Gawker published.

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When RadarOnline.com chose not to run the story, the seller lowered the price to $8,000.

The Smoking Gun has identified the man as Dustin Dominiak.



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