PHOTOS: Stars Love Sesame Street

While Katy Perry‘s much-anticipated appearance on Sesame Street has been scrapped — some parents who saw a promo for the episode complained that the singer’s costume was too revealing — many other A-list stars have loved their time with Elmo and Oscar.  Just take a look at‘s gallery of celebs who’ve visited Sesame Street.

PHOTOS: Celebs who have appeared on Sesame Street

CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper filled in for Oscar the Grouch and reported on news for GNN (Grouch News Network). David Beckham demonstrated and described the meaning of the word “persistent” with Elmo.  And who can forget Jenny McCarthy who, along with Elmo, helped define the meaning of the word “insect.”

Beginning its 41st season on PBS September 27, the show continues to hold the attention of children while “simultaneously” (meaning existing or occurring at the same time) educating them.

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