PHOTOS: Spencer Pratt – Clean Cut & Hangin’ With Heidi

All’s right in the world again!

PHOTOS: Spencer Pratt- Clean Cut & Hangin’ With Heidi

Spencer shaved – and ‘Spiedi’  is officially back together.

The newly-shaved Spencer Pratt (no longer sporting his crazed mountain-man look) posed in the waters off Malibu with wife Heidi Montag on Monday, and has brand new shots of  the happy couple.

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As previously reported,  Spencer recently posted a video on YouTube in which he takes a hunting knife to his facial hair.

“I will be removing my flesh colored beard in honor of things working out with my wife, Heidi Montag,” Spencer said in the video. “Executives feel that I’m ‘off brand’.”

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It’s just the latest publicity move by Pratt, who has kept people guessing since last summer about the state of his marriage to Montag.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Smooches

The wacky couple seem to have reconciled after they were spotted kissing while celebrating Heidi’s 24th birthday.

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