Lindsay Lohan Bails Out

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman again, well sort of. has confirmed that the troubled starlet posted her $300,000 bail just before midnight Friday and was sprung from the L.A. County jail she called home for about 14 hours.

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Lindsay was ordered back to jail Friday morning by Judge Elden Fox who stunned his courtroom by issuing a “no bail” ruling on Lohan. But as reported last night, Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley filed an appeal and won. It was then just a matter of the paperwork catching up with the inmate.

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back To Jail

Judge Patricia Schnegg, who set Lohan’s bail at $300,000 ordered Lindsay back into a SCRAM bracelet by the end of Saturday. She’s also subject to random searches and is not allowed in bars or clubs.

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Lohan Wins Appeal; Will Be Bailed Out

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