EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Celebrity Pets From Pigs To Pooches With PETA

Puppies, pigs, and bulls oh my!! The celebrities were all a-chatter about their pets on the carpet of PETA’s 30th Annual Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards. From cover model pooches to soccer playing bulls, the lives of celebrity pets are filled with love and RadarOnline.com‘s Jessica Campbell was their to get the scoop.

PHOTOS: Celebs Come Out For PETA

Eli Roth shares, “I have a pet pig named Pennington…they’re wonderful pets, very clean and they’re very social.”

PHOTO: Pam Anderson’s Sexy Banned PETA Ad

Falling on the more traditional side Charlotte Ross has a once-homeless pet who now lives in the Hollywood spotlight. “I have a dog named Taco that I brought back from the streets of Puerto Rico. Taco’s been on the cover of like five dog magazines,” she tells RadarOnline.com.

PHOTO: Nia Long Goes Naked For PETA

Jenna Dewan of Step Up fame also has dogs and said, “I’m known to spoil them badly.”

The saucy legend Charo has a very feisty pet bull named Manolo.  She admits,”The bull doesn’t know but he likes Spanish bull fighting music.”


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