EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan: ‘I’m Leaving Lindsay Alone Now’

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and has one less thing to worry about – her father Michael says he’s determined to leave her alone, at least when it comes to giving advice.

Michael sat down with RadarOnline.com for an exclusive video interview and shared his new attitude toward his daughter,  and also cleared up claims that he tried to profit by selling excerpts from Lindsay’s diary, written while she was in rehab three years ago.

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As RadarOnline.com reported exclusively Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley sent a cease and desist letter to Michael’s lawyer Lisa Bloom demanding that he stop shopping the entries to the media.

“Why would she [Holley] do that at a time like this when she knows it’s going to drive a further wedge between my daughter and I?” Lohan said.

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“Especially when she knows it’s not true. I can verify that I did not try to sell these things. They were sent to me from an unknown person from a fake address in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were 14 different entries and only two of them related to what I think Lindsay is going through now.”

Lohan continued, “Because Lindsay was in rehab, I thought it was an important issue and that’s actually why I did come forward and discuss them. If I blame anyone now it’s myself, because maybe I shouldn’t even have gone and tried to make a point of this in the public eye. But at the same time, you know what? It’s an important issue.”

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Michael said he did a lot of soul searching while Lindsay was in rehab and decided he’s not going to get involved in his daughter’s personal life anymore.

“I’m not going to tell Lindsay what to do anymore. It’s not my business,” he told RadarOnline.com.

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“One mistake I’ve made in the past is that if Lindsay chooses to be around certain friends, I’m not going to get between them. If she wants to go out until 12, one, or two in the morning, that’s her business. I have to put myself in that position because it’s created some problems for me in the past.”

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However, Michael did have a point of view about Lindsay’s recent trip to her favorite haunt, the Chateau Marmont, telling RadarOnline.com: “Look, I’m a big believer in ‘People, Places, Things.’

He added, “It’s said in AA and life in general that if we’ve had trouble with different people in the past, or if certain places bring back bad memories or if things we’ve done have had negative effects, then we should do our best to avoid them. But if Lindsay is smart, she’ll handle herself and she’ll be fine.


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