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EXCLUSIVE: Jailed Lindsay Lohan Makes Plea For Bail

Lindsay Lohan is making a desperate attempt to get sprung from jail, is exclusively reporting.

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Lohan’s high-powered lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, entered Judge Elden Fox‘s courtroom shortly after 1:30 pm PT, we have confirmed.

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The deputy district attorney was also there.

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They went immediately into Judge Fox’s chambers, where they’re currently behind closed doors.

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Sources close to Lohan have told “Lindsay’s lawyer is asking that bail be set. Shawn Chapman Holley contends that Judge Fox must grant Lohan bail pending the probation violation hearing on October 22nd.”

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Earlier Friday, Lohan was led away from a Beverly Hills courtroom in handcuffs and taken back to jail, where she is expected to spend nearly a month awaiting a hearing for violating her probation by failing a drug test.

Judge Fox denied Lohan bail and set an October 22 hearing to decide whether the 24-year-old had violated terms of her probation on a 2007 conviction for drunk-driving and cocaine possession.

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UPDATE: Judge Fox returned to the bench around 1.55pm PT. No word yet what happened in chambers.


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