EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 5 Quick Questions For ‘The Weather Man’

Every cloud has a silver lining, and no one knows that better than Jonathan ‘The Weather Man’ Novack.

The former Houston meteorologist may have been voted off ABC’s Bachelor Pad, but he’s embarking on a new life and career in sunny L.A.

Jonathan is pursuing new opportunities in Hollywood, including taking a shot at stand-up comedy!

Recently, RadarOnline.com sat down with Jonathan and asked him 5 quick questions.

(1) Radar: You’ve started performing standup in Los Angeles. Any similiarities to being a weather man?

Jonathan: “I can be wrong and still keep my job. For real though, I’d say the performance aspect of it, connecting with the people you’re entertaining….very important. “

(2) Radar: Best joke?

Jonathan: “Craig M.’s hair. “

(3) Radar: Who’s your secret celeb crush, and why ?

Jonathan: “No secrets with me.  I’d say Kate Perry.  ( Hot and talented and quirky…not shabby). ”

(4) Radar: Best pickup line?

Jonathan: “Weathermen don’t use them, pickup lines are cheesy (ironic pause).  Really though, I don’t.  I think the closest I’ve come was once using the “Hey, you look like so-and-so celeb” ice breaker.  Lame! “

(5) Radar: Who do you think will win  Bachelor  Pad, and why ?

Jonathan: “I’d like to see Kiptyn win.  I think that with all the charity work he does a lot of the money would go to a good cause.  Also, who else in the house says  ‘ If it’s my time to go home then it’s my time. ‘ The guy’s got character. I’m rootin’ for him. But if it’s someone else that wins, just remember, I love you very much.”

You can find out if Jonathan’s correct about Kiptyn winning Bachelor Pad when the show’s big finale airs Monday, September 13  at 8:00 PM ET/PT on ABC.
As for Jonathan, he’ll  be performing his stand-up act in Los Angeles throughout the month of September, so go check him out!

September Dates:

13th – Comedy Store in Hollywood in the Main Room @8pm
14th – Comedy Store in Hollywood in The Belly Room @8pm
16th – Comedy Store in Hollywood in The Belly Room, Hosting a Comedy Central Showcase @7pm
21st – Comedy Store in Hollywood in The Belly Room @8pm
22nd – 72 North in Pasadena @8pm
28th – Special Guest appearance at The Improv in Hollywood


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