VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Fires Back At Critics After Her ‘Pro-Mel’ Comments

When Whoopi Goldberg said she didn’t think Mel Gibson was a racist earlier this week, Internet bloggers, Web sites and others denounced The View personality, with some phone callers even leaving angry, obscene messages with her office assistant.

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On Wednesday, a visibly angry Goldberg shot back in an emotional and passionate  rant  aimed at her critics.  She began by saying, “I need to take a minute here because there’s been a lot of hassle [regarding the comments,]” and noting that people had “lost their minds” in the wake of her remarks on Gibson.

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Goldberg clarified her words Wednesday; She said she doesn’t condone what Gibson said, but still does not classify him as a racist, based on her personal experiences with him.

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“Being a black woman, you would think people would give me some leeway [on spotting a racist!]” Goldberg said, noting that she’s made plenty of racial comments herself as a result of road rage, and whoever hasn’t had those slips should be the ones to cast the first stones at her.

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On Monday, The View panel first reacted to’s release of a series of world exclusive tapes featuring the Braveheart star verbally berating his ex Oksana Grigorieva with some of the most graphic language imaginable.

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Goldberg then said, “I know Mel, and I know he’s not a racist … He may be a bonehead. I can’t sit and say that he’s a racist, having spent time with him in my house with my kids.”

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