VIDEO: Colin Farrell Jokes About Putting Stuff Up His Nose

Always-candid A-list hunk Colin Farrell, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, made an off-handed joke about his childhood quirks — and his adult drug use.

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“What’s the worst thing you did as a kid?” Kimmel asked the Miami Vice star.

“I remember the most foolish thing I did as a kid, I put soap up my nose cause I like the smell of it so much,” the actor said, adding he had to be taken to the hospital once because the soap “got right up there.”

“That’s before I knew coke was invented,” Farrell, 34, said jokingly.

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The Irishman told the BBC in 2008 of his, at times, hard-partying ways: “I had created an environment for myself, a way of living for myself which, on the outside, seemed incredibly gregarious and vivacious … I don’t believe I have any chemical predisposition towards depression, but let’s just say I was suffering from a spiritual malady for years and I indulged it.”

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