Gary Coleman’s Third Will Leaves Everything To Mystery Woman

A third will has surfaced in the Gary Coleman case, and it names a new mystery woman as executor and she inherits everything, has learned. was first to report the existence of the will.

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And this is the second will that completely leaves Gary’s ex-wife Shannon Price out of his inheritance.

The new will is 23 pages long and was executed on February 3, 2005 and Entertainment Tonight reports it was filed Friday afternoon in Utah.

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The will for the Diff’rent Strokes star leaves everything to a woman named Anna Gray. There are reports that Anna was CEO of his corporation.

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Gary’s agent, Robert Malcolm, tells ET that Anna was Gary’s most trusted friend and at one point they lived together in separate bedrooms.

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If this will is valid, it will invalidate a will presented by Dion Mial, Coleman’s ex-manager that was written in 1999. That will makes Dion the executor and leaves everything to him as trustee.

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Shannon has presented a handwritten codicil that was prepared in 2007, which leaves everything to her. She claims that although Gary and Shannon divorced in 2008, they were still engaged in a common law marriage.

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Coleman’s co-star Todd Bridges told exclusively that Gary has a pension that could be in the millions. That is what everyone is fighting for.

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So while, Gary may have died poor—he could leave someone very rich.

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