EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Gary Coleman’s Pal On Ex-Wife: “She Is White Trash!”

The tragic death of Gary Coleman has already resulted in multiple battles over his estate, with all sides claiming to be the true heir to his assets. The third will to surface does not list his ex-wife Shannon Price as the executor, but names Anna Gray and Kent Emmons as the executors of the late actor’s estate. In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Kent Emmons spoke about his role as one of the executors and slammed Coleman’s ex-wife.

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Kent has been friends with Coleman since 2001 had only harsh criticism for Gary’s ex-wife Shannon. “She is white trash,” he said about the 23-year-old who is claiming to be the sole beneficiary of Coleman’s estate. “What can you say about a person who claims to love someone and takes pictures of them on their death bed?”

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The new will, that RadarOnline.com was the first to report about, was executed in 2005 and filed in Utah on June 11, 2010, and if it is valid, it will invalidate a will written in 1999 presented by Dion Mial, Coleman’s ex-manager.

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“He went through an emotional battle with this girl,” Emmons said. “I think that’s probably what killed him,” he said about Gary’s relationship with Price.  Emmons said that he never met Price, but spoke to Gary and Anna and other friends about his tumultuous relationship with her.

“He was going through a lot of emotional issues with his ex-wife,” Emmons said.

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“When I last spoke to him there was nothing to be left to her,” he told RadarOnline.com about Gary’s ex-wife. The same held true for the parents Gary had such a troubled relationship with. Emmons said that Gary was often distraught over his relationship with his parents. “I held him in my arms sometimes crying.”

Gary asked him to be one of the executors of his will along with Anna Gray because he trusted him “implicitly,” said Emmons.

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Kent described his fondness for his friend simply. “Gary had a big heart.”

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