EXCLUSIVE: Police Say Charlie Sheen Was Not Involved In Car Heist

Charlie Sheen is in the clear.

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Detectives say they DO NOT think that the Two and a Half Men star is responsible for trashing his own car for the second time in four months, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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However, they do think the same people may have been involved in both incidents.

The troubled actor’s silver Mercedes-Benz was found abandoned down a ravine on Tuesday off Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive with the engine still running.

A similar occurrence happened in the wee hours of February 5, 2010, when the actor reported his four-door Mercedes  stolen and officials found it – at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff in Sherman Oaks, California.

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Nobody was inside the latest abandoned car, which is believed to have been taken from the star’s home in the nearby gated Mulholland Estates.

A police source told RadarOnline.com: “We still have a few leads that we are chasing but we do not believe that Mr. Sheen was involved – he was the victim.

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“We have not ruled-out that the same people could have been involved,” the source says.

News of the Mercedes joy ride has neighbors in the wealthy gated community re-thinking their own car security.

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One told RadarOnline.com: “The whole incident is questionable to say the least – it’s a real stretch that two cars were stolen from the same location – something is definitely going-on.

“Everybody is making sure that their own cars are secure and that the alarms are on at all times now – nobody wants their car to end-up at the bottom of a ravine.

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The latest car-off-the-cliff fiasco is just another headache for the embattled actor, whose name has been a tabloid mainstay since he was arrested on Christmas Day 2009 in Aspen, Colorado on domestic violence charges.

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He is still working out a plea deal and it will likely include Charlie going to jail. In the meantime his wife, Brooke Mueller, has moved out of Charlie’s Beverly Hills mansion and into a Los Feliz home, and telling friends that she’s moving on. And, Tuesday it was revealed that a divorce agreement has been reached between the Charlie and Brooke in the event of a divorce.

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