EXCLUSIVE: Gary Coleman’s Divorce Lawyer, “He Feared Ex-Wife”

By Radar Staff

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The attorney who orchestrated Gary Coleman‘s divorce from Shannon Price has told RadarOnline.com the former TV star feared his ex-wife.

Randy Kester, a lawyer from Provo, Utah, represented the Different Strokes‘ star during a host of legal battles in the final years of his life.

He was the man who masterminded Coleman’s secret divorce from Price and had the documents sealed using the names ‘John Doe’ and ‘Jane Doe’.

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In a twist of fate, Kester is now representing Coleman’s former live-in lover Anna Gray, who was named in a 2005 will as the executor and beneficiary to the actor’s estate.

Kester told RadarOnline.com that while Price had the potential to cause Coleman harm, he doubted she did during the May 28 incident that lead to the actor’s hospitalization.

“As much as I am lead to believe that Shannon would cause Gary harm and that he feared her, I don?t think there is any evidence to prove that she caused it,” he said.

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He said Gray, who lives in Oregon, had not yet formed an opinion if foul play was involved in the death, as others have claimed.

The diminutive Different Strokes star died after a head wound at his Utah home led to a brain hemorrhage.

“Anna indicated to me that she wants to be certain that the best investigation that could be done, was done,? Kester said.

“I have no reason to question that State Medical Examiner.”

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He said Gray or himself had not yet received a copy of the examiner’s report.

Police have not been able to categorically rule out the 42-year-old’s death on May 28 as suspicious.

His body was discovered by Price, who later gave permission to turn off his life support machine.

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A tape of her 911 call shows her in a confused state, repeatedly protesting her innocence and having to be persuaded to go downstairs and help him.

The day after she gave permission to turn off his life support machine, Price posed smiling for a series of photos and did a television interview defending herself.

“Anna was completely disturbed by the release of the photographs,” said Kester.

“Indeed those of us who knew Gary thought it was so horribly disrespectful.”

It has also emerged Coleman had specifically directed that he did not want anyone to pull the plug on his life support, if he was ever in that situation.

In a 2006 document, Coleman checked a box  titled “Choice to Prolong Life” which states, “I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the
limits of generally accepted health care standards.”

The other option Coleman had — “Choice Not to Prolong Life” — was left unticked.

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