VIDEO: Tom Cruise Dishes On His Kids’ Dating Life

A considerably low-key Tom Cruise stopped in on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday, opening up about the budding dating lives of his teenage kids and about what a Saturday night is like in the Cruise household.

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Host Oprah Winfrey– who dined with Tom and his family the evening before- grilled the dad about his teenage children Bella, 17, and Connor, 15.

“I’m pretty easy. She’s a good girl. Whoever she likes is cool,” Cruise responded when asked what about how he handles potential suitors of his daughter. 

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“Bella has a very strong sense of herself.”

Winfrey then set her sights on Connor, asking Tom: “What have you told him about women?”

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Tom laughed at the question before admitting that his son does look older than his age. “He’s chiseled,” he said in agreement with Winfrey’s gushing over the teen’s looks.

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“He’s pretty smart, I just listen,” Tom added. “He has plenty of time and I’m just there to talk.”

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Tom later revealed what a Saturday night was like in the Cruise household.

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“We have dinner then it’s game. We play quick scrabble. Saturday night is usually movie night.”

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So, does the family ever watch Tom Cruise movies? “Mostly new movies,” Tom responded, adding later that his kids have requested some of his golden oldies in the past.

As for Cruise’s assessment of himself as a parent? He’s doing an “A++” job, thank you very much!

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